The Party Wall Act 1996 entitles property owners to interfere with the land and structures belonging to neighbouring owners. The Act provides statutory authority to perform acts which would otherwise constitute the tort of trespass or nuisance, provided that the procedures under the Act are followed.

The demolition and rebuilding of a party wall, the cutting in of a flashing into a neighbour’s wall and the entry onto a neighbour’s land to perform other works in pursuance of the Act are all examples of the types of intrusive operation that are authorised.

Before any works can commence, notice must be served on any neighbours who may be affected by the planned works.

The notice itself must contain all the relevant and required information which can get complex and if not served correctly can be deemed invalid.

We can serve the required notices to your neighbour/s and can act as a single surveyor or the agreed joint surveyor.

We will always work professionally and diligently to make sure you can get on with your planned works as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

For a no obligations discussion on how we can assist you in all Party Wall matters contact us direct on 07792326754 or click here.

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